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Hoffman York Barbell and
Dumbbell System
by Bob Hoffman

inch Scientific
Weight Lifting
by Thomas Inch

Berry Mark Berry
Barbell Courses
by Mark Berry

Kubik Dinosaur Training
by Brooks Kubik

Jesse Wrestling Physical
Conditioning Encyclopedia
by John Jesse

Hinbern Hand-Balancing for
Muscular Development
by Bill Hinbern

Saxon The Development of
Physical Power
by Arthur Saxon

Calvert Super Strength
by Alan Calvert

Jowett The Key to
Might and Muscle
by George F. Jowett

Rader The Rader Master Bodybuilding and Weight Gaining System
by Peary Rader

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"Always enjoy your daily e-mails...keep up the great work."
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"Mr. Hinbern, I want to thank you for all things you send to my e-mail. I am a 59 year old man, who for the past 33 years, walks up ski slopes with heavy weight on my shoulders. All my heroes like Bob Hoffman I used to see at York Barbell when I was a kid. I used to love visiting the Hall of Fame because of people like Paul Anderson and John Grimek. I used to get so pumped up over the people from the old school. They were the best teachers. They worked hard. So keep sending your articles, I enjoy reading them. Thanks, again, Bill, sincerely"
Steven J.
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

"Bill, Thanks again. Your emails are welcome and read every day."
David R.
New York, New York

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Steven G.
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Asaf A.
West Midlands, Great Britain

"Hi Bill, I love your stuff and I always look forward to your emails. As a high school history teacher and basketball coach, I find them to be informative in both an educational and fitness manner."
Bryan S.
Oak Harbor, Washington

"I feel blessed to enjoy fitness and good health at the age of 61 years. I celebrated this morning with a 12-mile run. I keep fit with pull-ups and jerking and snatching kettlebells. I do appreciate your emails. It's fun to read about the old-time strongmen. I've always been intrigued with the bare-bones style of lifting they practiced to get strong. Keep 'em coming!"
Garold R.
Lansing, Michigan

"Bill, Very well put and thanks for all the good work you are doing. All the old strength wisdom that you keep alive for now and future generations. Take Care,"
Gary S.
Waltham, Massachusetts

"Thanks for your email inspiration!"
Kenny C.
Skokie, Illinois

"You know Bill, I never thought of it in those terms. You've encapsulated weight training for the average strength trainee in one sentence, 'Don't worry about being bigger and stronger than the next guy, work hard to be bigger and stronger than you were yesterday', that should be your (site) motto for the typical hard gaining strength trainer. That will be my personal motto from now on. Thanks again, you can't imagine how much you've helped me! I would love what you do even if I didn't make a purchase from you. 'The best things in life are free' - you show your love for what you do when you don't stand to profit from it. Best regards,"
Mark S.
Kings Langley, Australia

"Thanks a mill for the reply Bill, I enjoy reading your newsletters, keep up the good work as I continually refer people who query true strength training books to you."
Damien M.
Dublin, Ireland

"I enjoy your emails and the down to earth and hard work approach to things."
Dave F.
Canal Winchester, Ohio

"Thanks for all your tips and thanks for what you're doing for the strength world"
Roger B.
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

"For the past month I have been receiving your emails and have never been more energized in the past five years of my lifting to work out."
Steve C.
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John C.
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