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by Arthur Saxon

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by George F. Jowett

Rader The Rader Master Bodybuilding and Weight Gaining System
by Peary Rader

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“Pat Casey…

600 lbs.!”

Dear Friend,
New! Let's go back, 25 years, to the days of Chuck Ahrens, Steve Marjanian, Paul Anderson, and Doug Hepburn. Back when Pat Casey set the lifting world on its ear by benching 600, squatting 800 and totaling 2000 lbs.! Just how strong was Casey? Try tossing around a couple of 200 lb. dumbbells for reps! His training was legendary, using enormous weights during nearly every training session. How did he develop such phenomenal strength? What training methods did he employ? Bruce Wilhelm, veteran lifter, shares with us detailed testimony on the life and times of Pat Casey with some biographical anecdotes, training routines and contest results. This book is loaded with never before published information and vintage top quality photos taken by that famous lifting photographer, Leo Stern.

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The author discusses the following:

  • And much, much more!

  • Best wishes,
    Bill Hinbern signature
    Bill Hinbern

    P.S. Order a copy of this book and get the kind of information that you too can use to improve your own personal lifting records. You'll be glad you did! Softcover, 8 1/2x11 with 44 pages.

    Pat Casey: King of the Powerlifters by Bruce Wilhelm
    $ 15.95 + $ 7.00 S&H
    Order Below

    Pat Casey:
    King of the Powerlifters
    by Bruce Wilhelm

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